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Get an eMedia Marketing Strategy in 24Hours

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Part One of the "eMedia for Your Business" 5-Step Training Series, Strategy! “24Hours to Zero Down Marketing” training by Kim Power StilsonPower Strategies©2010 www.powerstrategies.TV

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I believe there are three simple components to success you can take to have a business that is successful. Successful means sales, lots of them. Following those three steps makes the difference between why some people work out of their garage or dining room and end up being a successful “million billionaire” while others invest millions of dollars and a lot of time only to lose their own house? The difference is strategy. Having a strategy and applying it.

24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing is based on a strategy that has never failed to help business owners who adhered to it great success! I have made a lot of money incorporating my copy written “Make, Bake, Shake, Rake & Fresh” strategy into the marketing plans of business owners who were desperate to succeed. I have helped authors reach fame and increased book sales, a man garner a much sought after Senate seat on a smaller budget than the favored candidate, direct selling businesses experience rapid growth and a company rise to the top ranks of their industry overnight on a boot strap budget. I have also have helped over 50,000 small businesses share their messages online.

My strategy had never failed to bring clients who adhered to it great success. Never failed! Now instead of paying $15,000 for my services, you can learn how to apply it yourself starting at $5 per hour! How cool is that? Why so inexpensive now? Read about that in the "A Glass Shattering Promise" story!

The 3 Components of Success are:

  1. Passion or belief -- which translates to a product or service.
  2. Strategy – a plan for marketing and selling your products.
  3. Action – implementing the strategy with actions that return sales.

Many of us already have a product or service. Most aspiring businesses know their passions well but don’t know how to build a strategy that markets their products effectively enough to sell. I am sharing with you now the success-proven strategy that has helped every client that only had the first Success Step become successful by creating and applying a plan that sells. Most clients, before they met me that had thrown money away in spaghetti marketing efforts that had not resulted in sales. (Spaghetti Marketing is the Slang term used to describe the random spending of marketing dollars in an unorganized, unplanned way comes from where one might "throw spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks!" Webopedia, May 2008) That’s the kind of marketing you used to do, not any more, with 24DM you are getting an organized marketing strategy specifically tailored for your business.

You may be one of those who says “I don’t have the money for marketing!” and that may because people sour of spending money on spaghetti marketing that doesn’t work. Even if you really don’t have any funds, you need to market so that you can sell your product and make money or you really will never have any. Without money you still have the resources. Time is one resource we all get FREE and we get to control. I can hear you all shouting “Time! I don’t have any time! With being the accountant, the president, the client relations, the production manager and the financier in my business, how would I have any time?” It all depends where you allot your time. Are you busy chasing efforts that don’t result in sales? When you have a strategy you know exactly where to spend your time. That time will result in sales. Sales equals money and guess what with money you can outsource and have more time. If you are short on resources you need to use your time wisely.

To all of you, I know, believe me I know. I was right there complaining about time right until I almost lost all of it on an autumn day in Manhattan. Remember the glass ceiling story? Believe it or not, time or not, I can help you create a strategy that will help you promote your business in 24 Hours and with zero down.

I can cross strategic marketing efforts off of my “To do” list every day. Now you will be doing this as well. Believe me there is enough money in the pie for all of us to be very, very, very successful and all we need is everything we were doing and this additional 24 hours. From here, following will help you and your business succeed. It will take 24 hours to create a strategy a workable plan and it will take 24 hours a month thereafter to apply it.

Before you start there are the two disclaimers: (Yes, you can stop reading if you don’t fit into the below.)

  1. Your product or service must be legitimate

  2. Your product or service must have value.

First. What do I mean by legitimate? You can’t do 24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing (24ZDM) and be successful if you have a vaporware for a product or service, a fake gadget or gizmo. People, customers, your friends don’t like being swindled and they will never give you another chance if you do that. 24ZDM doesn’t thrive in that type of situation and neither will your business.

Second, your product or service must have value, value to someone, value to society. For example, let’s take a test. Yes or no? Does a “Dog Tongue Scraper”, have value? YES. Yes, to the people who are always kissing their dogs and want their pups to have good oral hygiene. As odd as it sounds it has value to a consumer group, a narrow consumer group, yet it does have value.

If you have a product that has value to anyone anywhere then congratulations you are set and now you should, can and will start to create your marketing strategy with 24ZDM!

Read the strategy guide and follow the directions for the hourly tasks designed to create a marketing strategy with all the necessary components from messaging to social media within 24 Hours. You can do all the assignments at once in a 24 hour spree or you can break up the process for your convenience. 24 Hours may seem incredibly dramatic, but the sooner you laser-focus your time on efforts that result in sales the better. (What’s your dream? Thinking about owning a castle in Ireland keeps me motivated). You can do two days of 12 hours. You can do 4 days of six hours.

In his book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill wrote, “The most intelligent man [person] living cannot succeed in accumulating money – nor in any other undertaking – without plans that are practicable and workable.”

Can you spare 24 hours to create a plan that will help your business succeed?

Interested in The eMPowerment Series?

Step ONE: Strategy ! -- Create a marketing strategy for your business in 24 Hours.
(Volume One) “24 Hours to Zero Down Marketing Strategy”
(Volume Two) “24ZDM Hourly Workbook”

Step TWO: Tools! --Learn how eMedia and Social Media Tools can help your business.
(Volume Three) “What is Social Media and how will it help with my business?”
(Volume Four) Small Business Marketing Survival Terms
(Volume Five) “Learn to Blog, Ping, Pod, Stream, Bookmark, Blast, Release, Wiki, Widget, Web, Link, Avatar, Tag, RSS & Twitter!”

Step THREE: Sales! --Learn how eMedia and Social Media Tools can help you reach your customers business.
(Volume Six) “Setting up Shop Online!”
(Volume Seven) “Talking to your Customers = Dollars! Put a Voice & Face on your Website!”

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